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How To Use Our Free QR Code Generator?

Follow these 3 simple steps to create your QR code for your business in just minutes:

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Step 1 — Select the type of QR Code you need. You can choose from our variety of available options: SMS, URL, Text, Phone, and Email.

step 2 phone number carrier lookup

Step 2 — Fill in the data and generate. Complete the fields with the requested information: contact, text, and more. Then select “generate.”

step 3 phone number carrier lookup

Step 3 — Download the QR code. You can choose the size of the QR code you want to download. You get options from 200px x 200px up to 2000 px x 2000px. 

What is a QR Code Generator?

A Quick Response (QR) Code is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information in black and white dots (called data pixels or “QR Code Modules”). It can be read by a smartphone or tablet device. Its function is to share with the user quickly and easily specific information.

What Type of QR Code Can I Create for Free?



The cell phone reads the QR SMS code to allow the user to send an SMS with an automatic text message with preset information.



Once read by the cell phone, the URL QR code redirects the user to visit a web page or contact form entered on their device automatically.



The QR Phone code, once read by the cell phone, allows the user to make a call to a predetermined number that will automatically get on your smart device.



The QR code email is helpful for once read by the cell phone allows the user to send an email with data (subject and message) automatically.

Benefits of Using The QR Code Generator?

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Compatible with Mobile Devices

QR codes are easily scanned with iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. The displayed content is adapted for various devices. 

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Quick Access to Information

All you need is a cell phone. Then, scan and get multimedia content anywhere, anytime—no unnecessary searching.

Quick Access to Information

All you need is a cell phone. Then, scan and get multimedia content anywhere, anytime—no unnecessary searching.

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Upper Lower Case Converter

Universal in Use

Any amount of information is represented with a small QR code. Create, locate and share anything with anyone.

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Next Steps

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What is a QR code?

To explain it, we can say that the Quick Response Code is a product of the evolution of the barcode. It is characterized by having, as its name suggests, a high reading speed. This code allows users to access different types of information through their cell phones easily.

How useful is it to create a QR code?

Creating a QR code allows you to offer the option to people that with just a scan with your phone, you can have access to much different information and even make it easier to perform specific tasks such as connecting to a wifi network. In addition, a QR code can help you improve the service or product you offer. It allows you to interact with your customers, promote your business, and more.

How can I generate my QR code?

You can find different platforms and tools to create a QR code on the internet. Still, ours is the most recommended because it offers fast and quality results for free. With our free QR code generator, you will get your code in three simple steps.

What are some use cases of QR codes?

Marketers frequently use QR codes to bring their audience into the digital world. They use physical materials (brochures, business cards, advertising flyers, magazine ads, among others). Also, QR codes are used to promote digital content such as websites, images, videos, emails, phones, and more.

How can I use the QR code for marketing purposes?

There are many situations where users will appreciate you bringing them into the digital world. For example, you can use your QR code to display multimedia content such as videos, audio, product information, offers, and more. These options will make users understand that you care about their convenience and their time by offering them information about your business in an easy and fast way. 

Are the QR codes free?

Yes, our QR code generator creates the QR code and gives you the option to download it for free. The QR code creator allows you to select from various available formats: SMS, URL, Text, Phone, and Email. There is no limit to the number of QR codes you can request to generate.

Can QR codes expire?

No, the QR codes created by our generator do not expire and remain active as long as you want, unless, in the case of those in URL format, you change or delete the link.

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