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4 Simple Steps to Get Started

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1. Register an account.
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2. Subscribe to a phone number for your business.
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3. Bring your team on board and assign them a phone number.
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4. Done! Start calling and texting on your customers.
get multiple phone numbers, Canada, United States, toll-free

Get Multiple Business Phone Numbers


Get Local and Toll-Free Numbers

You are able to get as many local numbers across 48 States of the USA and 12 Canada provinces. From toll-free numbers to local area codes, we have got you covered.


Call & Text on All Phone Numbers

Assign team members to call and text on multiple business phone numbers.

Make Unlimited Calls Nationwide


High Call Audio Quality

Make calls with crystal clear audio quality.


Do Not Disturb

Separate work and personal time with the “do not disturb” feature.


Record Your Calls

Record and play back your calls for future reference and training purposes.


IVR Greeting Setup and Phone Number Porting

Coming soon. Stay tuned for future updates.

Make phone calls using your phone numbers using Textr
SMS/MMS with your customers on Textr

SMS/MMS Text Messaging


Text on Your Landline Number

Enable all phone numbers including landline numbers to send and receive SMS/MMS.


Unlimited Texting

Text as much as you want on your phone numbers nationwide. Not limited by users or phone numbers.


Message in a Group

Get other team members on board your chat to deliver the best customer service experience.

Manage Your Contacts in One Place


Tag Your Customers

Increase your marketing efficiency by splitting and categorizing your customers into certain segments by adding tags and labels.


Import Existing Contacts

Import all your existing contacts that you have on mobile phones, email addresses and spreadsheets, to keep track of all your customers.


Shareable Contacts

Use our platform to create a shareable contact list for all members of your team to access. Serve customers efficiently avoiding those awkward repeat calls or messages.

SMS/MMS with your customers on Textr
What is call screening? call screen phone calls

Collaborate with Your Team


Bring Your Team Onboard

Centralize your entire workforce allowing them to call and text from a single platform.


Assign Multiple Users to One Or Multiple Numbers

Allow members to call and text customers on phone number at the same time. Never miss a customer inquiry again.


Group Messaging with Customers

Work together to respond to customers and deliver the best customer service experience. Follow up on leads easier by seeing the chat or call history.


Share Contacts with the Team

Stay synced and updated on customer information with your teammates. Add and change customer information and see updates in real time.

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Available on iOS, Android and as a web app.

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Along with providing free number lookup, Textr provides businesses with a number of SMS tools to scale and grow.

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