An Internet Phone Number That Saves Your Time and Money

Don’t have time to pick up your phone?
Can’t keep up with all your missed calls and voicemails?

Textr Team VoIP app combines all your calls, texts and voicemails for only $10 per number.

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Unlimited! | 1500 minutes calls | 1500 messages

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Voice Mail To Text

Hate Voice Mails? Stop Wasting Time Listening to Them. Convert Voicemails And Recordings Into Texts. 

Urgent Customers?

Tag Customer Contacts With Urgent Priorities. Improve Customer Service With Your Team  

Ease Of Use

Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Set Up A Digital Business Phone System


Categorize Your Customer Contacts With Ease


Optimize Services with Tags and Notes

Sync all data on mobile and web devices. Categorize your customers to make deals easy to follow up. Share new promotions and repair notifications to gain the loyalty of clients.


Organize Your Voice Mails

Customized voice-activated messages for greetings. Set up an auto-attendant and direct your missed calls and texts to the right folders. Provide efficient customer service based on your customers needs and business potentials! 

Can’t get through to your customers by call?

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Seamless Cooperation with Your Team


Collaborate on A Single Platform

Invite your co-workers, team members and business partners to communicate on a single platform. Share customer priorities with your team under customized folders centralized . 


Speech to Text and Shareable Contacts

Accurately transcribe voice recordings to text in over 50 languages. Share the contact list with clicking a button. Increasing communication efficiency and accuracy

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Efficient Marketing for Car Rentals and Sales


Seize Market Opportunities via SMS/MMS Campaigns

Responsive & retention rate compared with sending email.

Schedule bulk messages to reach more customers, and accelerate the sales with MMS.


Increase ROI by Unlimited Talk Minutes

With call, you can get a faster conversion rate than web leads.

Get higher customer retention rate in contrast to website.

Increase your revenue return more than website visitors.


Owner of S.P.M

As a car dealer, I tried many ways to attract more customers. Textr Team is the most amazing one! I don’t need to worry about expensive phone bills anymore, and I get more customer responses from texts and calls. My customers are satisfied with self-service options. It has been a game-changer for my business!”

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Available on iOS, Android and as a web app. Try for free with a US or CA phone number.