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Textr is a business communication platform that allows your team to connect with your customers anytime and on any device. Get multiple business phone numbers with calling and texting capabilities. Enable your team to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.
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How Textr Started

Textr began when one of our founders, a former Cisco network engineer, discovered that small-medium businesses were spending too much to deploy decent networks. Furthermore, they were committing to lengthy and expensive contracts that didn’t include texting capabilities for their phone numbers. Together with our CTO, they saw an opportunity to create an app to better satisfy the communication needs of small medium businesses. 

Enter Textr, a faster, easier and more economical solution for your business texting needs. With Textr, you can subscribe for any local number in a matter of seconds. From now on, your team will be capable of communicating with customers all in one platform, in real time. We understand how important it is for your business to rapidly respond to customers and never miss a sale.

Gone are the days of expensive phone line installations without texting capabilities. Textr is a one stop shop for all your business’s telcom needs. You can find out more about Textr’s competitive rates here. We very much look forward to having you onboard and providing you with the tools necessary to deliver exceptional customer service.


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Why Choose Textr

Call & Text for Less

  • Complicated and Rigid Setup Process
  • Expensive and Inflexible 3 Year Contract
  • Need to Purchase PBX or IP-Base PBX
  • No Texting Capabilities
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Pay-As-You-Go Affordable Monthly Pricing
  • Flexible Phone Number Subscription Plans
  • Texting and Calling Features for All Numbers

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