Textr’s Free Tools

We have tools that can help you make your business or personal life a little bit easier — for free.

For Business

Carrier Look Up

Discover personal data with a free phone number carrier check online. Easily look up any number in the United States to improve your business database and service.

Phone Number Validator

Verify mobile/cell numbers of your existing and potential customers list and ensure correct data accuracy. Now you can improve the quality of your information in 3 simple steps.

VOIP Speed Test

Find out your internet speed with out free VOIP Speed Test Tool.
Analyze your internet connection today with a click of a button.

SMS Character Counter

Count the characters in your SMS messages quickly and calculate the cost of sending them. Now you can know all the information you need before sending messages.


Send Fax Online

Save money, save time. Keep your costs down by sending and receiving fax for free online.


Receive Fax Online

Save money, save time. Keep your costs down by sending and receiving fax for free online.


Text to Speech Online

The best voice for your speeches! An original tool that allows you to convert text to speech mp3 in a few seconds and at no cost.


Unicode Checker

Quickly identify Unicode characters in your text messages, avoid segmentation and save sending costs.

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For Personal

QR Code Generator

Easily create your QR codes for web addresses, email, phone numbers, and even social media link! Send over to family and friends to create a easy mutual connection.


Receive SMS Online

Transform your web browser to receive verification code texts online. Receive verification codes without privacy worries or hassle. Choose a country to get started.

Send SMS Online

Send text messages to any mobile or wireless phone number in United States and Canada.

Upper Lower Case Converter

Easily convert the letters of your texts using our upper lower-case converter. It will reduce the time to retype all sentences in upper case.

Fake Phone Number Generator

Get a fake phone number to verify any website or application in a few minutes.

Fancy Text Generator

Start typing and instantly get cool and fancy fonts for texting friends and using for social media.

eSIM Phone Checker

Quickly Check If Your Phone Can Use eSIM to Enjoy Its Many Benefits.


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