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How To Use Our Number Carrier Lookup Tool

Our free online cell phone provider search is a fast and effective way for businesses to gain reliable user data. Our process is quick and easy yet highly valuable for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information. Below is the complete process.

step 1 phone number carrier lookup

Step 1 — Enter the phone numbers manually, copy and paste or import from CSV.

step 2 phone number carrier lookup

Step 2 — Select the country you want to lookup (USA or Canada) and hit enter.

step 3 phone number carrier lookup

Step 3 — Receive accurate and reliable carrier information such as city, state, and number type (mobile, landline, or wireless).

step 4 phone number carrier lookup

Step 4 — Update your database with newly found information and improve your business efficiency!

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Next Steps

Send SMS Online for Free

What next? After looking up a phone number, send a text message to that number using our free Send SMS Online Tool.

Benefits of Using a Carrier Lookup Tool

Update Your Business Database

Stop overspending on invalid numbers or carriers no longer in your provider area. Keeping an updated database minimizes waste, deters fraud and helps maximize your marketing budget. Most SMS marketing providers charge by the quantity of numbers and extra for roaming. Textr free number search is the fastest, most effective way to maintain an accurate database.

Maximize SMS Marketing Success

Mobile phones are the most effective form of communication and are rapidly growing in the marketing arena. However, the success of your campaigns depends on the quality of your data. Textr provides phone validation and other personal data such as city, state, type of number, and more. Maintaining accurate data with free phone number lookups sets your business up for SMS success!

Targeted Campaigns

Run local, targeted campaigns to reduce ad spend and increase conversions. Utilizing a reverse phone lookup allows you to pinpoint users so you can create targeted ads and messages. This is especially important for local businesses and marketing agencies serving local businesses – or anyone looking to tap into a certain market and demographic.


Will I be able to identify if it is a landline or mobile phone number?

Yes, with Textr’s Free Phone Number Lookup Tool, you will be able to identify if they are on mobile/wireless or landline. This allows businesses to fine-tune their marketing and cut out wasteful spending. Look up a number now

How fast does your service work?

Textr’s Free Phone Number Lookup Tool works almost instantly, relaying and validating phone carrier information and data. This allows you to quickly gain the information you need and move on.

Will users know that I am looking up their number?

No, our free number carrier lookup does not contact them or inform them when searching and validating numbers.

Why should I use a Phone Number Carrier Lookup Tool?

A phone number look up allows you to maintain precise and accurate data for improved efficiency, spending, conversions, and more.

Am I missing out by using a free version?

No. We provide a comprehensive cellphone provider lookup, so you have all the information you need to improve and scale your business. We do offer other business features to enhance your SMS marketing strategies.

How accurate is the phone validation?

Our phone lookup provides extremely accurate and up-to-date results and phone validation. We are continually updating our database with the most reliable information around and relaying it to you every time you use Textr.

What information does your phone number carrier lookup provide?

Textr provides carrier information, city, state, and number type. This information can be used in many ways, including saving in marketing spend, improving campaigns, increased market research, and much more.

How does a phone carrier lookup work?

Textr free phone number lookup allows you to enter a phone number, and then our reliable software uses precise databases to come up with complete carrier lookup information. You then relay this information to your databases to improve your entire system.

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